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Video Name: Anpadh (1962) | Hindi Movie
Genre: Oldies
Description: Choudhary Shambu Nath lives a wealthy lifestyle with his sister, Lajwanti, who he affectionately calls Lajoo, dots on her, grants her every wish, and has her have his way. In this way Lajoo grows up, refusing to go to school as the Teacher scolds her, and ends up without any education. When she matures, she gets married with book-worm Deepak from the Nath family, which consists of his dad, Mahendra, his wife, and an adopted son, Kishore. On the very first night, Deepak is aghast when he finds out that Lajoo cannot read nor write, and the next morning tells everyone, and then they find out to their shock that Lajoo can't even cook nor clean. Deepak eventually has a change of heart, adores her, and wants to educate her, but her in-laws are dead-set against her, so much so that one day Deepak angrily leaves the house after a heated argument with his dad, meets with an accident and passes away. A distraught and pregnant Lajoo is thrown out of the house. When she goes back to her home, she finds no one there, the door under lock and key, and guarded by the Police - the reason: Shambu has killed a man named Jeevan and is absconding. The question remains: What can an unskilled and uneducated woman do under these circumstances?
Anpadh (1962) Hindi Movie
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